El Gouna & Hotels


Where to stay in EL Gouna?

In El Gouna you will find 14 Hotels ranging from small family hotels to large all-inclusive resorts.

The town of El Gouna has two centers. In the Abu Tig Marina and New Marina you will find a great variety of restaurants and bars. No matter if you’re dying for a delicious Burger, some genuine Vietnamese Wok cousine or a juicy steak – you won’t leave this area being still hungry. The are also several places to have party or at least chill out enjoying a cold good night drink.

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Our recommendation: Mosaique Hotel

The Mosaique Hotel is located in the New Marina, just next to the main center and only a few minutes ride away from our Element Watersport Center & Beach Club.

The 4-Star Hotel Mosaique is the place to stay for windsurfers and kiters. The 79 rooms are located just in front of the New Marina, just a few minutes drive from our Element center and only 5 minutes walk from the Abu Tig Marina, where you will find a lot of international restaurants and bars to party.

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El Gouna: Home of the wind with venetian flair

The Egyptian gods must have loved wind and water sports. We couldn’t find a better explanation for the perfect conditions our surfers enjoy all year through.

Thanks to the Egyptian Wind God Sobek and the particular geographical situation of El Gouna the wind never stops blowing.  About 35 kilometers west of El Gouna a large range of mountains rises up to 1300 meters, in the north the Gulf of Suez works as a cool counterpart. The Sinai Peninsula in the east provides an effective wind tunnel.

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